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Frequently asked questions about masks

Although the CDC recommends wearing cloth masks, there’s very little scientific evidence showing cloth masks protect people from respiratory illnesses.

Continue to stay home as much as possible, and when you do go out to complete an essential task, continue to maintain 6 feet of distance from other people — and wear a mask.

“A mask is not to protect you or to allow you to come close (to) people,” Fair said. “It is to protect against (asymptomatic and presymptomatic) transmission.”

TODAY previously reported that 25 to 50% of people with COVID-19 have no symptoms, hence why masks are so important. Public health officials discourage purchasing surgical or KN95 masks as they are in short supply and needed by health care workers.

Medical experts recommend that masks should be replaced in a timely manner after being used for 4 hours, otherwise virus will gather on the surface of the mask and eventually contaminate the mask.

Yes. But only if you use the mask properly and don’t touch it with your hands afterwards.

Those droplets from a cough or sneeze would hit your mask instead of your mouth and nose — good news. But the next step is to take the mask off by the ear bands and either wash or discard it — without touching the front of it.

During this period, the general public is advised to stay at home and avoid interactions with anyone other than immediate family members living in the same household.

For those who need to go out for essential purposes, and are unable to avoid close contact with others, wearing the reusable mask could provide some basic protection. We encourage you to still continue to practice social responsibility, good personal hygiene habits, and safe distancing when outside your home, even if you are wearing a mask.

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